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    March 5th, 2007
    What's the latest safe out.html go.php etc? (Not from 2002, like ...please.)
    Yes, I red some of the posts and also logged in to the demo of Clicktracker but in the demo, up to the right, it says:"Copyright 2002 FocalMedia.Net".

    Maybe the version of Clicktracker are up to date, but not the date? I emailed them.

    Can a professional of this forum provide the latest code, or a link to free/paid download?

    The best wold be a out.html that will be 301 redirected in the .htaccess.

    Also "on mouse over" should say: "", but it goes to:

    Should I do something more? Like add "no follow" for the search engine spiders at the out.html ? Should I protect the directory or? (put a index.html in all directories of course.)

    ( edit: are you an idiot? - removed dropped link to ebay auction and good luck getting answers to your demands...)
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