Yesterday Gary at Avantlink spent time with us to go through the features or tools on both the affiliate side (which as a merchant I don’t usually see) and the merchant side.

I have to tell anyone that has not yet reviewed there network as an OPM or AM you are doing a disservice to your clients or employer.

As an affiliate you can save your selves a lot of work creating product links and coupons etc.

Any good program has to make more money is the following features were used.

• Datafeed Manager v3.0 - The Datafeed Manager is a powerful system that allows you to manage several datafeed subscriptions, from several merchants, at one convenient location.

o Custom Raw Datafeeds - Affiliates have the ability to customize their own raw datafeeds at every level from data format to column structure.

o Web Service Datafeed Client - An advanced, deep-linking dynamic tool that is highly customizable. Perhaps more importantly the output pages are spiderable HTML files.

o JavaScript Plug-n-Play - An easy solution to configure categories and publish datafeeds with one line of code. Limitations include output pages that are not spiderable.

• Product Display Builder - - The Product Display Builder (PDB) tool allows Affiliates to create targeted product content advertisements and product lists, and then publish this content on their site(s) with RSS feeds, static HTML or JavaScript.

• Custom Link Builder - A simple way to create Affiliate tracking links that land on any page within the merchant's site. Craft highly targeted pages with unique content by creating deep links that you control.
Great for PPC campaign management.

• Dynamic Coupon Feed - Merchants can flag special offers, promotions or coupons to be included in their coupon feed. Affiliates can publish this RSS feed to their site or syndicate it around the web.

• Coupon Feed Syndication - With this tool Affiliates can push merchant sales, promotions and coupons through Affiliate link-embedded RSS feeds. Merchants flag a list of coupons and special promotions, which become marketable RSS subscriptions.

• Deal Of The Day - Use this tool to easily publish dynamic Deal Of The Day product content to your web site(s). RSS feeds and JavaScript integration.

These guys absolutely built a better mouse trap.

Needless to say you’ll find the Pets Warehouse program there shortly.

PS: I placed this post here rather than the Avantlink forum for people that may not scroll down all the way, please don’t move it!