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    Lucky Brand Jeans Non-Commissionable Sales
    Just wanted to let you folks know that I have ripped out Lucky Brand Jeans' links and replaced them witht the competition.

    This month so far 80% of my sales have been non-commisionable. While I am making some money with them. It is not enought to justify this. Especially with the numerous denim products out there. This ratio is far higher than any other LS merchant I work with.

    I did email the AM, but received no reply.

    Hope if you're promoting them things are going better.

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    What do you think is the root of the problem with Lucky Brand Jeans?
    Why have sales been non-commisionable?
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    Don't know. They say they have a 30 day cookie.

    But any which way it's way too much not to be getting some credit for it. I've only been in the program since December 06, and have thousands of dollars of noncoommissionable sales already.

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    What's the reason given in the non-commish report? Does it say past return days? Or order cancelled?

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    past return days.

    I don't usually pull links for that reason. If I'm making good money then I just deal with the frustration. But I've never had these kinds of numbers and the AM didn't respond to my email.

    There's so many clothing merchants that I have plenty of other quality options.

    Lucky Brand's commission is only 4%. I have another merchant who carries Lucky Brand clothing and they pay me 5%. So I might use that strategy. There's another comparable brand that pays 6%. So I might do that. Or both.

    Anyways, when I used the Synergy Analytics report which compared my non-commissionable sales by merchant, I saw how out of line they are for me.

    I saw no reason to keep sending them customers who return and buy other things and I get no commission.

    I've learned not just to delete pages, because it seems the cached pages last forever and they still get referrals. So I replace the links, and usually within a week or two the cache changes and the referrals stop.

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