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    How come affiliate programs arenít making use of RSS Feeds (for promotions)?
    Maybe I am wrong, but so far I donít see anybody using RSS to send out coupons and promotions so that the affiliate could insert the feed directly into their site. It would make it a lot more likely that their coupons and promotions get posted.
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    We are in the process of implementing a several RSS toys.

    1. keep affiliates informed with up-to-date information, deliver online
    interviews, deliver press releases.

    2. deliver sales information to our affiliates.
    5. deliver whitepapers or informational content, billing information,
    newsletters or ezines.
    6. promote new products and services.
    7. publish forum posts or threads.
    8. communicate coupon information.

    Tell us what else you would like to see.
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    Guess you have missed the dozens of posts about RSS coupon feed. I am using it for two programs and working with the expiration date on long term coupons to get the SEO lift. Had an affiliate put it on the top of a coupon page and getting great conversion.

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    Maybe I am wrong, but so far I donít see anybody using RSS to send out coupons and promotions..
    Hi malibber,

    Several of our integrated Affiliate tools use RSS as a configuration option. Affiliates have access to these tools free of charge and they are standard across all merchant programs.

    Gary M

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    Besides Avantlink (which has by far the best set of tools for affiliates) not many others are offering much in the way of RSS.

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    AMWSO offers an RSS feed where we post bonus offers, coupons, best sellers and other program news and tidbits for the programs we manage.

    Check it out through Feedburner
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