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    Is this normal, or evil?

    I'm just exploring securing a site for possible future use, and before setting up any certificates I just typed in https:// before some of my domains, to see what'd happen.

    I got a certificate warning about certificates for a site called siliconriver .net. I'm using Mozilla.

    Is this normal, or is there something fishy on my computer or server?

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    It's not normal, but not necessarily "evil." I suspect that someone on the hosting end just got too lazy.

    Checking on G, it looks like there used to be a place called SiliconRiver, but now they're dead.

    It was probably a domain which belonged to the place advertised on this site
    Even though they show a as SL's main address, sometimes companies will put some of their stuff (like their shopping cart) on a variant like .net.

    My guess is that they used to be on your server, and that somebody forgot to kill their SSL certif before renting/leasing hosting on those IPs (or the server, if you've got the whole box) to you.

    If you can't find out how to get rid of it yourself, I'd say to get your host or server management to do it for you. But their certif should be deleted, if only to make sure your own certifs don't clash with it.
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