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    Questions about Geotargetting lowering Effective Ad Clicks
    I talked to a publisher today who is bidding his keywords on both Canada and US traffic when clearly Canada is not eligible for this particular offer. So what seems like wasted clicks is supposedly part of his strategy. Apparently by expanding "his net" and including Canada, he is getting lower effective CPC's on his keywords. Enough so, that the cost of the canadian ads is offset by getting cheaper effective clicks. Has anyone out there heard of this strategy? Doesn't make sense to me, since GOOGLE always seems to stress the importance of the USER EXPERIENCE over everything else.

    Just curious as to the logic here....
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    That would be very interesting if it were true....

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    Only one possible that I can see
    Seems pretty unlikely that it would work...with one exception that I can think about.

    A couple of folks I worked with at an agency were always complaining that the geotargeting didn't always work. Something best as I can see, related to the search engines not always picking up the client's location correctly. They were in the travel biz so they really really monitored geotargeting (they were trying to market flights from specific cities, so they got really detailed on this stuff.)

    So, I could see a case where, maybe geotargeting works pretty good, but then you get US users in the Canada target.

    You could test this with Google analytics. You see the big map in analytics with visits superimposed on where they come from. Try doing a whole bunch of visits from a city and see if they are shown as being from that city.

    Still...seems like a long shot to me!!

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