I think this meeting is a very positive step. Affiliate marketing is still in its infancy. Checking my stats for the past few months i have remained steady in sales even when people have said sales were being hijacked. I haven't seen this myself and have no way to test this since i don't have any file sharing applications on my computer. I was basing my assumptions on what people have said and on other peoples testing. Haiko has said they are in compliance. I also am doing great with some merchants who are said to be associatied with Morpheus and other applications. I applaud the networks, Wurldmedia, and other affiliates for wanting this meeting to set a standard for how affiliate marketing should progress in the future. This can only be seen as a positive step where we can all work together. As far as who i would like to see my personal choices would be Haiko, Shawn Collins, Elizabeth, Connie. I think they make a good representation.