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    Do alot of you write your articles....
    I was wondering with the social networking sites, do alot of you write articles on your own sites, especially if it is 100% origional copy you created, then submit the description with a link ot your site so that people go directly there, or do you link and reference other sites hoping that people will look at your profile and visit your site from there? Or do many of you do a combination of both, linking to the news-source and linking to your own sites?

    It seems like on Digg you can link to your site without an issue but on Newsvine you have to go to a news source where things are published.

    What do you think about commenting and comments. Do you think that is a better way to get people to read your profile and find your websites? I don't mean commenting just to comment, but I mean commenting and participating by providing usefull feedback and no links.
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    Both. I write a ton of my own articles, comment on news, comment on blogs (either with my own post or on the other site) and submit it all to social sites. Diversity is key!
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    You want to create your own unique content that encourages comments. And a nice way to encourage comments is to comment on other blogs that write similar stories. Just don't cross the line between contributing to the conversation and spamming.

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