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    Just got a phone call from Donuts and Scoot, better known as the Kings of the Road. Their road trip so far has been a bit on the National Lampoon Vacation side.

    Before they were even out of FL, they had a tire blow out (they are in a 27 foot UHaul pulling a boat). Very hot rubber flew everywhere. Actually, rubber was just hot but on fire, as in flaming. One piece flew off into the median, catching the median on fire. The other piece on fire was still on the truck. Enter the fire department, etc.

    But the boys are resourceful and finally got back on the road. They drove all night. Not too long they made it to La. They had just crossed over into La when they had trailer failure. The tongue on the trailer is shot. Luckily they were in Slidell (about 40 minutes from me) which is boating country. So they are now sitting in a boat trailer repair shop waiting for the verdict.

    Shame they are right by the Lake, which has some kick @ss fishing, but alas no way to get the boat in the water.

    The adventures of Scooter and Donuts Hopefully they'll get the trailer fixed for them soon and they won't have to spend the night in Slidell.

    They said pics of the fire and all are forthcoming.

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    Our boys are burning up the road, huh?

    Geeeze, fireworks to start the celebration of a new life for Scoot! How appropriate.

    Thanks for the update Kellie.

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    OMG! Poor boys! Thank Goodness they have us all praying for them! No telling what would have happened.

    Sandra Martin
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    Sounds more like they knights on a crusade or a quest. But just happy to hear they are safe.

    Regardless of the frustrations of this move, I bet they are having a grand time together.
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