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    Policing social sites
    Those of you with social sites, how much time do you spend "policing" abuse, be it spam or objectional photos?

    I have a site that generates a great deal of interest from 16-24yo males, I want to make it a bit more interactive. I would imagine there might be someone out there who thinks we all need to see goatse. I need to keep those people out.

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    I don't run one so....

    But once a social site gets big enough there should be little policing needed. The good will rise to the top, right?

    That said, have a tight policy on allowable material. If you don't want to see goatse, make sure you've got a policy in place that's effective and enforceable. You may have to do some policing for a while before things get rolling...
    Jason Rosenbaum
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    Just make sure you've got a solid moderation system. There should be an administrator delete button by any content that is subject to abuse. If you have forum moderators they can help out with this as well.

    - Scott
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