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    24 hour cookie
    There is a new merchant that has a 24 hour cookie.
    Doesn't that mean the customer has to buy within that day?
    If they go through your link but don't buy and then go back to the merchant several days later you will not get credit for the sale ...correct?

    If so, that is rotten. I am not an impulse buyer. I usually find a site, bookmark it and go back to it on my own later to buy.

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    Yep on all of that. They have 24 hours from clicking thru on your link to make a purchase for you to get credit.

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    there are some with 4hr cookie too

    It all depends on the product and the vertical the company is in.
    If it is a >300$ order, most people would except a 7-14 day cookie cos it's a larger amount and people will think about it before making the purchase

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    I don't predict success with that particular program, not only is the cookie only one day, but the commission rate is 8%. Just a week or 2 ago another merchant with the exact same products joined shareasale. It has a 30 day cookie and a 12% commission. I don't know why anyone would join the new program when there is this older program.
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    I wrote this merchant today. She is very nice but says they have no plans to change the cookie.

    "We fully understand that a 24hr cookie is not ideal, however we do not have
    any plans to change the cookie duration for the time being. We currently
    have an in-house affiliate program on a 24hr cookie which works well for us
    (actually, the in-house program will be ending now that we have launched
    with SAS)."

    The cookie might work well for them but not for us. Maybe if other affiliates write they will reconsider. I asked that they consider at least 7 days.

    They really have a good selection of products and she is in the process of adding them to the make-a-page section but I would hate to think that I help get new customers to the site that don't choose to buy on that particular day but maybe come back the following day. Now that is what you call "24hr cookie works well for us"

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    wow; I would agree with them.
    As a Merchant it works great for them. The affiliate sends them to the main site and a day later returns and purchases and the merchant pays no commission on the sale.

    Wonder how amny affiliates they get?
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