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    Advice on how to structure a program
    Hi All,

    I'm new here and am structuring a new affiliate program. Here are some specific questions, if anyone has feedback for me, that would be great.

    -If as a merchant, we have internal tools for tracking and paying affiliates, is there any reason I would want to work with CJ? They have a list of affliate programs and being on that it helpful? Does it build trust? Or is the list garbage and you already know?

    -Are affiliates more interested in promoting programs on their own site, or other sites, or both? If the program TOS is simply structured to pay commisions both ways, is that good enough? Or should the programs be seperate in some way?

    -We have services that are very focused on different kinds of web sites. examples are pet enthusiasts and car enthusiasts. Are there certain affiliates sites, forums etc, that focus on these niches, or do most affliates go 'where the money is.'

    -Is there a program that would be a good reference for how to create some guidelines on how to make page placement most effective? I have been beta testing with a few sites and there are a couple that are converting really well, and I think I can at least try to bottle and distill those secrets into some guidelines. Anyone who does this well that I could look at, would be nice to see.

    Seeing the warnings above, I won't post anything about my program - not too sensitive but I could feel flames coming if I did But if anyone is feeling nuturing and would like to take a peek at my draft TOS, please email me.


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    Hi RonD! Welcome to ABW!

    Sandra Martin
    sandeebottom at

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    that was a nice welcome...thanks!

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    Hello RonD, welcome to ABW!

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    You'd get a lot of exposure from joining CJ or similar network...but it's not cheap.

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