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    Question Has anyone tried this program?
    Hello! everyone,

    I was looking into web store programs and found an add about a program. I think the name of the company or program is VSTORE or something like that. I thought about trying it out since it was a free hosting and web store program. Why pay for something if you can get it for free? Course I could be wrong and find out there are some hidden cost some where down the line. Lots of times you hear free, once you get into it find that there are a lot of hidden cost.

    If anyone can tell me if they have tried VSTORE I would appreciate any feed back on the quality of their service; and if it is even worth trying to fool with.

    If anyone knows of any other program I would greatly appreciate the advice and suggestions. I am on limited funds and would like to start an online store, but can't afford some of the high prices.

    Just Interested!
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    Moved this here from the Shopster forum since it didn't fit there.
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    Free store and free hosting usually means a lot of banners that you may not want to see. You are letting someone else have too much control of your destiny.

    There are a handfull of free shopping carts available, depending on your taste. You will need to do the set up work yourself, which is not really all that difficult.

    I would suggest that you not use free hosting on which to operate a store.
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    VSTORE? That thing is still live? Use the search button --- it does work!

    I wonder if Roman (The Rail Europe guy) still gets residuals?
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    I used it several years ago. Didn't make anything.

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    VSTORE - turn and run the other way.

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    I think they shut down a few months ago. I made quite a bit of money with them in their heyday, but the last several years it seems like it was on autopilot.

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