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    Sales Tracking Off?
    Who would I ask about tracking of Sales? I have one merchant that averages 2 sales every other day and I am finding in the past 7 days, no sales. The merchant is getting a higher than average click-through rate tho. I am wondering if tracking may be off for sales? I find it very odd that these click-throughs have not resulted in sales!

    Thanks all!

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    Check the detail page of your merchant, you'll find some good information:
    Last Commissionable Transaction through Affiliate: 03/29/2007 12:40.46 PM
    Last Compliance Test Completed: O3-26-07

    With these two lines, you'll see if others are making sales. You have the date of the last transaction and the time. So you can compare with your last transaction.
    You'll find also the last compliance test done by SAS. It checks if the tracking pixel is working.

    You can check also the "View Trend" Under EPC
    Nice graph and pretty useful to check the trend of sales

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    Great info! Thanks so much! I never check stuff like this, I really don't pay too much attention; maybe I should more often!

    I will check it out this evening and see what's up! I'll post back!

    Thanks again! :-)

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