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    Report Formats and Other Questions.
    I'm learning the performics interface and have the need to automate report downloads. I can only find "Export to Excel" which is going to be a pain as I really need the reports in some text format. Is there a way?

    When I click the help link in the top right corner of performics when I am logged in, I get some useless online help for a totally different product that seems to be centered around PPC campaign management. WTF? Where is the Performics online help?
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    No sure if this answers your question fully but it is one I asked my rep at Performics about just yesterday and I hope it does help.

    How Do I Save Reports?

    1. Go to the report control panel in any of the report pages from which you wish to save a report.

    2. Choose the "Timeframe" button in the "Select a Date Range" column in the report control panel, select a range from the drop down list, then generate the report.

    3. Once the report has been generated, below the report results, a "Save This Report" link will appear. Clicking on this link, will trigger a pop-up window to appear.

    4. In the new pop-up window, fill in the three fields for the new saved report: give the report a name; supply an e-mail address where the report will be sent (automatically); and select how frequently the report should be sent to you. Then click "Save". This report will now be listed in the "Saved Reports" section, under the name it was given.

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    Thank you for answering the question

    We are in the process of updating our help section. Please feel free to contact us for assistance at

    Thank you,

    Jamie Ross
    Manager, Affiliate Customer Support

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