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    The movie 300 is just list online marketing?
    I thought some of you might enjoy this. To me it is stretching it a little bit.
    This response was masterly crafted via the fingers of Patrick Allmond who believe you should StopDoingNothing starting today.
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    I usually don't care much for glib metaphors but this was actually pretty useful.

    And now a quote for the trolls of ABW, who need to rethink their success strategies before I bring in the goats.
    Even if youíre a hideous, misshapen troll, the right networking can get you riches and women.
    Even in his hideously grotesque form, Ephialtes knew the value of networking. He made friends with Xerxes who ended up helping him to both riches and companionship. While you most certainly can use the web to find companionship through networking, from a business side networking can help you improve your income by leaps and bounds. If you make friends with other people in your niche, work on link exchanges and mutually beneficial collaborations, and actively contribute to sites with quality feedback and comments, there is no limit to the opportunities ahead of you. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses, and use networking to take advantage of both. If you canít be successful in one route, look at others. Constantly keep your best interests at the forefront of your decision making process.
    Stop spending all your time trying to prove what a jerk you are. We already figured that out. Take a hint and put that energy into being successful and happy. Successful, happy people are much more powerful than inadequate whiners who always think it's someone else's fault they're inadequote.

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    This article has some excellent points.

    However, I still say that "hideous, misshapen troll" got very lucky.
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