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    Smile Paris Auction Hotels affiliate program - how can we improve things?
    I am posting this on behalf of They are looking to make the affiliate program on SAS as attractive as possible for affiliates and so I thought why not ask here

    The program offers US residents the opportunity to book hotel rooms in Paris for low prices. Commission ranges from $10 to $30. I won't say any more here in case it looks like an advert, but what can we provide to make the affiliate program more enticing? Do you think the product is too niche? Can the site be improved in any way? Can we improve the affiliate program somehow?

    All constructive criticism from ABestWebbers is welcome - that's the only way we will improve things!


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    One suggestion immediately comes to mind: Sign up for Auto-Deposit. That may help a bit because many affilates will not sign up with a SAS merchant who does not have auto deposit.
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    Running an affiliate program for hotels is tons of work. I have run programs for a few hotel reservation systems and soon will be runing the Accor hotel program with AMWSO.

    You need to make sure your rates are low as many people that look for rooms online compare
    Why only us residents?
    You need to make sure your commissions are at least 5-6%.
    Need to give great stats and reports for the affiliates
    Bonus', promotions
    long cookies ( i say at least 6 months)

    Thats just the start

    Do not rely on getting all your affiliates from only those that are in the sas network. You need to do tons of prospecting.

    Good luck
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