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    Hi, Sorry I could not figure out which forum to post this.

    I am having a plus size clothing store and it gets about 100 uniques daily since a month mainly from google, MSN and Yahoo, The problem is that they come , but they just don't don't buy.

    any experienced plus size affiliates here?
    Please help me - how do I get them to buy?




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    Try experimenting with different merchants. Some convert a whole lot better than others. Some say that the plus size merchants at Shareasale are good - for me they did nothing. Others swear by Performics merchants. Trial and error. Experiment with individual product links.

    Andy Williams

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    Hi Lucifer,

    Sales for me personally with plus size clothing have been a little slow this month. I personally prefer Perfomics plus size merchants. The comish is low, only 5% for most of them but they seem to convert the best there. From CJ's the only one that I can get to do anything is Junonia's. They do extend the sales every month and have a tendency to reverse a sale that is a couple of months old every now and then but overall they aren't too bad and have a pretty cood comish.

    One thing that works for me normally is to have a link that says exactly what they are searching for. In other words, look at your search logs and see what keywords they are using to get to your page with. JMO! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Boston...and a huge NY Yankees fan
    We've converted really well with many plus
    size merchants. So much so that we're making
    a plus size page "any day now".

    I've found what helps in converting them:

    1) Have a lil' "+" graphic near the store
    name -- even if it's a store like Land's End that has a plus size section but other sizes as well.

    2) Next to that, list what sizes they offer.
    Some are 16 - 34. Some start at 14. Some offer plus size petites. Really helps to clear that up before people click-thru.

    Good luck [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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