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    Password Hack article

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    That was interesting, kinda has me wanting to change all my passwords too!
    Thanks for the info!
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    Interesting read, thanks for posting this Joey.

    In my last life, my team worked on the company's B2B portal. Since it had hooks into much of the company's data, password security was a major concern. After analyzing corporate network security my first thought was "No way, not on my portal.". Full of holes and way too easy to hack, we decidded to avoid corporate security and come up with our system.

    What we ended up with was a password that had to be at least 8 characters, must have upper and lower case letters, numbers, and characters. It had to have all of those. Passwords could not even have english words so things like "Password1@" or "John123#" would not be allowed.

    You would be surprised who is out there trying to crack people's login info. If the login is important to you, treat it as such and use strong passwords.
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    notice the roboform affiliate link there... smart affiliate, good article.

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    Hey Joey,

    Nice plug, it was definitely an interesting read. I have read similar articles throughout my internet career. It is extremely difficult to keep track of different passwords especially when your job revolves around the web. It is something we all worry about on the occasion. Is there a solution?

    Apart from developing a great memory or changing your your standard password to something crazy?


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    Word of mouth in action.

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