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    Need help in speeding up shared hosting
    I hope that this is the best place to post this
    Ok. I am using a 1and1 linux shared hosting (boo, hiss - I know - plan to move to dedicated in a couple of months)

    The server is ULTRA slow. We are talking page load times of 15 seconds, it is like being up on dial up again.

    The server was running fine - untill a week or so ago. I have made few changes.

    I am worried that there is a php script in a loop or something - I have looked at everything I can think of.

    I have ssh access and I have tried running 'top' but this doesn't run for me (maybe as I am on shared hosting).

    Yes it could be another account on the same server - I have asked the host to look into this BUT I want to do everything I can in order to speed these pages back up.

    Thank you


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    There is very little information here to give much useful advice. The only thing I could think to do is call them and have them look at it while you are trying to load a page.

    You can get a new hosting company in 1/2 hour - I always recommend HTTPme as a reseller. But there are lots of choices. A couple months is too long. Find another hosting company and move your site RIGHT NOW. TODAY!
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    Try testing your site at

    It will give you some good data on what is taking so long to load on your site.
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    If you use firefox you might want to give this a try;

    Look at this page:

    One of the features:

    One of the tools features will describe exactly how long each element in your pages take to load. It does a bunch of other neat tricks. It's been a lifesaver for me.

    Shared hosting - You know the deal. You get what you pay for. One thing I found about shared is smaller hosts are sometimes better than the ones with millions of customers. Support is faster and servers aren't oversold.

    Go look at the Fastnext offer in this forum.

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    Look closely at those changes you made. From your post, it sounds like the slowdown occurred after you made them, which *could* be coincidence, but also potentially the cause, which would only be replicated on your new host if you move.

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