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    Site Redesign - Deciding On URLs - What's Best?
    I am in the process (almost finished - thanks snib!!!!) of redesigning a new site. At first I thought it would be a good idea to have the urls on my site go to merchant's page, on my site, with a url something like:
    Also, masking the affiliate link with something similar to the above.

    But I just noticed in some of the affiliate agreements, using the name of the company in the url is forbidden. Has anyone experienced any problems with using the merchants name in your url?


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    I am almost certain that you could name an individual page or directory within your site with the name as long as your url itself doesn't contain it...maybe that is a question for individual program managers though. It is not as though you registered their trademark, you just named a subdirectory with it...
    I am quite curious if anyone has had this happen before because I name subs with similar things myself.

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    I got a mail from Sony once telling me: and were not allowed, and subdomains were not allowed,

    however <mydomain>.com/sony or were allowed. I don't know if this helps, but I think the idea is to prevent the first example, but not the second.

    Probably best to check a few merchants (that actually respond to affiliates) and see what they say.

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    Page Name URL's
    I think using a pagename or refernece URL is OK with most affiliates.

    i.e. anything after the / like:


    is OK, but


    is NOT OK


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    Generally, I found that the issue crops up only when you include a merchant name in the domain-name or sub-domain-name. It is generally acceptable to most merchants to have their name as part of the URL (except domain-name or sub-domain-name)

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    Zappos program detail page on CJ says:
    publishers are not allowed to have Zappos (or any variation of Zappos) anywhere in their display URL.
    Violators risk losing all unpaid commissions and termination of their Zappos relationship. These restrictions are strictly enforced 24-hours/day, 7-days/week.
    Apparently they aren't strictly enforcing this because I've seen quite a few Zappos affiliates' display URLs similar to, including a superaffiliate who regularly participates at ABW.

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