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    Talking Overheard in the office
    Discovered this site (along with Overheard in New York) and decided to pull some of my most favourite 'overheard office quotes'. You need to keep it in 'overheard context'...that's when it can be really funny ;-)


    2PM Because We Don't Know What Can't Be Done

    Boss: We're trying to fit a round square into a peg hole.

    53 West Jackson Boulevard
    Chicago, Illinois

    Overheard by: Mark

    PM Say 'Cerebellum' at the Deli Section

    Teacher: I was sitting there thinking, 'If I only had a brain!' And then I thought, 'Duh! The Wal-Mart's open!'

    Brookdale, Nova Scotia

    Overheard by: Chris


    4PM I Should Be in the Ladies' Room Getting Ready for My Date with the CEO

    Loud lady on cell: [Supervisor] called this morning to see if I was coming in. What does he care? I had a meeting this morning with him and Sam*. What were they going to do, ask me why I haven't been performing well? Did they want me to say I've asked to be transferred more than once because I've been sleeping with my supervisor and he won't stop harassing me? You know, I probably shouldn't be talking about this right in front of my office.

    371 Hoes Lane
    Piscataway, New Jersey

    Overheard by
    : Justtryingtohaveacigarette


    4PM They Revoked His Geek Credentials That Same Day

    Office worker: I can't get into MAS. My codes aren't working.
    Tech, after trying to enter codes: What the f**k? Now the numbers aren't even coming up.
    Office worker, five minutes later: Uh, dude, you're using my calculator.
    Tech: Son of a b***h!


    Overheard by: G$

    4PM And Type with the Other Hand

    Female manager to male manager as screensaver turns on during presentation: You need to jiggle your thing.

    New York, New York

    Overheard by
    : i LOVE my job
    Susan Arts
    Senior Vice President, Marketing
    Moxy Media

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    Been reading these sites for years. Overheard in New York is my favorite!

    Here's one (a little rough around the edges but soo funny!):

    A tourist mom with three teens in tow halts in the middle of the block, causing two suits and several other people to crash into them.

    Suit #1: For the love of God, move, you idiots! There are people walking behind you!

    Tourist mom: You don't have to be so rude!

    Suit #2: He's rude? You clearly see this is a busy sidewalk, and yet you stop dead in the middle and block all traffic!

    Tourist mom: He didn't have to say it so rude -- we are not from around here!

    Suit #1: And does that somehow excuse your being idiots and stopping in the middle of a busy street?

    Tourist mom: At least we are not so rude in Tennessee!

    Suit #2: That explains the idiocy, but it still isn't an excuse.

    Tourist mom: That was unnecessary!

    Suit #1: Perhaps, but it's true.

    Suit #2: Here, maybe this is more polite: Welcome to New York. Slow walking idiots prone to stopping for no reason stay to the ****ing right of busy sidewalks, and don't get in the way of the non-mentally impaired locals. Now **** off.

    --50th & 6th
    Jason Rosenbaum
    Affiliate Manager

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    I had never heard of that site....that's classic!
    Be the change you want to see in the world ~ Gandhi

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