Hi Folks,

Just a quick post to let ya know that you can now set your Affiliate payment threshold in AvantLink to one of the following: $25, $50, $100, $200 or $500.

Just a reminder we aggregate commissions from all your merchant partners and pay each month on the 20th for your previous month's earnings.

To change your payment threshold login, click on 'Account' from the main menu and then 'Contact/Payment Information'. There is a check box on the form under 'Company Information' labeled 'Minimum Payment:'. Select your payment threshold and then click 'Update'.


Gary M

PS, While you're in there be sure to opt in to network announcements under 'email Notification Preferences' (if you aren't opt in now). That way as new merchants go live in our network you'll get a standard notification via email. Another option is to subscribe to our New Merchant RSS Feed to keep an eye on who's coming on board.