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    June 8th, 2006
    Looks like Google is experimenting again with their color theme. I'm seeing a peach color in the top sponsored links area (the "box" pay-per-click results) above the SERPs. Wheee.

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    Hi Spacedog !

    Yeah I feel like you. The latest news about Google Adwords is a bit changing of the ads pattern showing up over the natural search results. There are 2 issues:

    1. Background colors

    Instead of displaying a bright blue background color which is likely to be similar to the search result theme in overall view, Google is now changing this background color to be peach or yellow color. I think it will make your ads more stand out from the natural search result, which means your CTR may increase with this change.

    2. Way to Clicking ads

    Previously, whenever we click on the ad (which are located over search results) at anywhere it appears, we will be redirected to the landing page where affiliate/merchants is promoting. But, with a new way of clicking on the ad, Google will enable us to click on only the ad title which is the same way of the ads showing on the right side. I think with this change advertiser can pay less advertising cost, which it will cut off the cost from unintended clicks in more or less.

    To Your Success!
    David McKarson

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacedog
    Looks like Google is experimenting again with their color theme.
    Nope, not an experiment. This is the 'permanent' choice:

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    Personally, it looks about the same to me...I can't imagine the CTR's will go up too much. Anyone have any data?
    Jason Rosenbaum
    Affiliate Manager

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