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    Canadian Bank Routing Number
    I've read on here to accept direct deposit from a US bank to a Canadian bank you put 0 + institution number(3 digits) + transit number (5 digits) to come up with the 9 digit routing number. I also called my bank (Royal Bank) and they told me to use the generic 021000021 Royal Bank but also enter my transit + institution number. But I am not able to enter these in separate fields. Can anyone help?

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    I have tried this several times with both linkShare & CJ and never got it to work, I even called my bank when I was entering the info but I never received payment by dd.

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    i ended up faxing CJ a void cheque and they did it themselves.

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    CJ CDN Direct Deposit
    I got direct deposit to work with CJ and I am Canadian with a CDN bank account. It took me a while too and I had to call them. Here's the skinny...

    For the routing number/sort Code Field you need to put the bank no. (4 digits) followed by the transit no. (5 digits). The total length should be 9 digits with no spaces.

    For example, with Royal Bank, you would put 0003 and follow it up with your 5 digit transit no. You must do it in this order.

    THIS WILL WORK, as long as you fill out the Account Number Field and Account Type correct as well.

    Note: I also had to fill out the Tax ID (give them you SIN) and Tax Classification for them to initiate everything. It's a hassle to do all this, but you only need to do it once!

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