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    What do you think about Globat?
    I never had any degree in I.T or in in anything technical. Perhaps that's one reason why I join these web hosting forums and reviews. A friend told me to get globat as a web host for my e-class and I have signed up 2months ago for the nine domains that i had. I got an upgrade last week for a terabyte xs. The only thing that worries me is that i have been hearing a lot of not so good things about them w\c makes me a little unsecure. But to be fair with them i have not been having any problems with my site and hopefully i won't in the future. I also had a chat with the tech support and somehow they have been responsive to all my questions. Can anyone give me some advice on maintaining a good account with this web host. Can anyone tell me some positive and negative things about Globat?

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    Use the "Search" function

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