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    Emigrant Direct Affiliate Anyone?
    I was just wondering if anyone here has been in the Emigrant Direct affiliate program that is run through Flying Point Media?

    I am wondering if it was successful or not? It was certainly a huge pain in the butt to get enrolled in the program compared to something like CJ. Also the reporting stats page is terrible in my opinion compared to typical affiliate site.

    I am just curious if I should go with CJ who offers ING Direct as one of my main affiliates instead of Emigrant Direct.

    They both pay $20.00 per referral. I went with Emigrant though because they offer a higher interest rate than ING so I figured I would get more sign-ups.

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    Not to be mean but it's your first post and it looks spammy to me.

    Anyway, all bias aside, I have never hear of Emigrant Direct and Flying point what?

    You mentioned that it's a huge pain to enroll in that program, so go with CJ as it is a no brainer. Thus, you will never know if that flying company might tilt and crash as opposed to CJ which is a much larger network.

    My vote is to go with ING cos of the huge TV ad campaigns that they run every couple of months and research have shown that TV ads / Magazine and does help with branding online.

    All the best

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    sport302 I visited your home page and see you seem to be into investing and trading yourself a bit.
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    It's a hard call. I used to save with ING but switched to Emigrant myself, as they offer up to half a percent higher interest rates. Though ING created an interest bearing checking account that's paying about 4% - pretty hard to beat.

    If you have questions about the network, I'd drop Emigrant an email explaining your hesitations. Sign up for ING through CJ, but let Emigrant know why you aren't pushing their program. Perhaps enough communication of that regard will provoke Emigrant to move to a different network.
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    I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I know the folks from Flying Point Media and they're good people. I don't know much about their Affiliate interface for Emigrant Direct. They are an Online Marketing Agency out of NYC and they do some huge campaigns for some big clients. They handle all of Emigrant's advertising (Search, Media and Affiliate).

    If I were you, I'd join and promote both and see which one converts better.

    I hope you find this info helpful.
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    Nothing spammy about the post. Emigrant Direct is a pretty big online advertiser on large sites. I'm not familiar with their agency though.

    I agree with Mike that you should join both programs.

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    Thanks for the insight. I was just trying to stick with the theory of if you give people to many choices they end up not making any choice at all.

    I have been hard pressed to find anyone else that is enrolled in the Emigrant Direct program. I think it is because it seems like Flying Point Media is geared more towards the large corporate world of website as opposed to smaller niche sights.

    I am gonna mixed it up a bit with ING and see the results.

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