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    Angry Inactive merchants s/b delisted
    I've been scaning the threads here to learn more and from what I see in SAS is there are merchants that go off line for low funds and others that fail to respond to data feed requests.

    Why as an affiliate should I be subjected to scrolling through those dead affiliates when looking to join programs?

    Should they be delisted so I don't waste my time?

    Or why isn't the Sas people scrubbing their merchant programs and say your program is out of $$ are you aware of that?

    Does only one email go out?

    In another thread I read people were waiting days and weeks for an approval to a request for a feed, if mechants are that unresponsive should Sas take a firmer stance and warn them of being delisted or remove their feed option?

    It's nice that Sas says they have 2000 merchants but do they need to clean housse?

    How many are truly active, how about a list of data feeds along with a last date they were updated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan367 about a list of data feeds along with a last date they were updated?
    This exists. It's the 'View those with Datafeeds' link

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    I know it exists, my point is it is a bad out of date list.

    The first two results below are listed if I remember correctly 2nd and third.

    ID: 8869 Active on: 10/18/2005
    7 Day $0.23
    30 $0.63
    Datafeed Contains 144144 Products
    Last Updated: 12/01/2005

    .com Inc.

    ID: 949 Active on: 09/24/2001
    7 Day $0.39
    30 $0.64
    Datafeed Contains 125856 Products
    Last Updated: 11/08/2005

    Echen Inc.
    ID: 4091 Active on: 08/20/2003
    7 Day $0.00
    30 $0.02
    Datafeed Contains 15003 Products
    Last Updated: 10/24/2005
    ID: 8362 Active on: 09/02/2005
    7 Day $0.00
    30 $0.00
    Datafeed Contains 5511 Products
    Last Updated: 09/30/2005

    There are over 60 2005 feeds and 11 2005 feeds listed, or about 25% are old.

    Why are these published rather than active merchants?

    If not deleted at least place at the bottom of the list not the top?

    Why do I need to spend time finding out who is alive in this network, shouldn't Sas be doing that?

    PS: the last one has epc in 30 days, is that program even working, all this info needs to be filtered.
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