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    Performics: Search + Aff conflicts?
    Hi all,

    Does Performics' involvement in both managing affiliate programs and search marketing for merchants present any conflicts of interests that you've seen manifested in the field?

    Just curious.

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    I'm guessing there might be conflicts....
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    Lot of major networks do that:

    So some of them are also competition in a way.

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    Performics doesn't do this for every merchant, right? Just an extra service?

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    I don't mind competing with others, when they play fair.

    But check out Kellie's new report on bad behavior, scroll halfway down and see which affiliate network had the most occurances of cheaters...
    it was Performics...

    They must be very proud of themselves...

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    All the major networks are dataming our affiliate traffic to sell that information to merchants. Yes, it's a conflict of interest but what else can we expect from thieves.
    According to LinkShare, their crappy SynergyAnalytics was just built for that: to STEAL our data and manage that information for their own profit.

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