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    Vacation Outlet
    I've just noticed 96 invalid clicks on my CJ home page. They all relate to either Vacation Outlet or the associated Both appear to have disappeared off the CJ radar, i.e. I can't see any listed links for them. If I click on the advertiser link on the invalid links page I just get an 'error processing your request' message.

    I've had no notification from either CJ or VO that they were about to leave. Anyone else getting the same problems?

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    I got this the 30th of March:
    "Greetings: This email is a notification that Vacation Outlets will be terminating their CJ affiliate program as of March 31st, 2007. All creative and links for Vacation Outlets/Cruises Only will no longer be available through the Commission Junction Network. Please take the necessary steps to prepare to remove all Commission Junction links, banners and the data feed from your site/s by March 31st, 2007. If you have any questions, please contact ..........."

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    some poor affiliate is still paying for the # 1st position on G.

    This merchant is no longer participating in the affiliate program

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    I got the email, too. I emailed the AM and suggested that they look into ShareASale. He said they would be revisiting their affiliate marketing channel in about six months.

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    vacation outlet affiliate program
    that's good that you got a response back.

    I used to have a marketing contact that i tried to invite to my boston affiliate marketing roundtable. I called recently, and she's no longer with the company.
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    >some poor affiliate

    Trademark bids!
    Val made a mistake...

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