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    CJ links explained?
    Hi, I've just had to migrate over to CK from Befree on a major merchant. With Befree, I created a Webmerge template where I could just put in the name and SKU of the product (and any other info I wanted) and it automatically created the affiliate links. It was clear in the Befree link formula where the SKU goes and the site id and so forth.

    But for CJ I get different URLs when I generate links from the CJ interface, some being dpol whatever, others tqkl or something like that.

    So anybody know how all this works, and how to formulate things so I can create pages as easily as Befree? Especially because on Befree the merchant had a "link to any page" generator which I simply adapted. On CJ they don't, which is frustrating.


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    Let me clarify this question:

    Sometimes the product link generator will give "
    Sometimes the link generator will give "
    And sometimes "

    I want to use a template where I simply paste the SKU, or desired URL into the database and with Webmerge and the template, the link redirects correctly.

    But I'm not sure whether to use Blah, Blooh or Bleeh (these are examples). Does it make a difference? How does CJ work this? On Befree it was "bfast" and that's all.

    This is especially important because as I migrate many many pages from Befree to CJ, I'd much prefer a straight Find/Replace if I can, since the link construction seems similar besides that. I've lost sales because when the program expired, I had some legacy pages from the Befree datafeed that I didn't find in time.

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    I understand what you are asking as I'm sure others do as well, but we don't know the answer. You should check with the affiliate manager and/or CJ.

    When you do get your answer, please follow up here and let us know.

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    deeplinks are probably what you are looking for. Check if the affiliate you're looking has a deeplink link. You can enter the destination url in the field and see the pattern.

    I just found this out myself.

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    yes, that works. it still gives varying urls, but the redirects are good. Now I wonder about not being able to include the little tracking image. Is that really7 bad?

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    Don't worry about the tracking image. Nobody on the merchant side of things pays attention to impressions anymore.

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