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    New affiliate manage needs some opinions
    Hi all I am new to the forum, I am the volunteer in charge of the Non Profit, marketing, development, affiliate program and anything else I can to help.

    I am having a blast and we just started the Affiliate program using Right Cart about 5 months ago. Link to the main site

    WHat we are looking for is a way to contact super affiliates interested in Gardening. After much debate I convinced the head of the foundation 15% just doesnt cut it. I got the ok for 50% for bigger sites other non profits and large sites like Daves Garden just for an example.

    What is the easiest way to offer variable percentages? Part of me feels we should just allow all affiliates to earn 50%

    What are your thoughts should we go for 50% accross the board or try to find an affiliate management software to offer variable percentages based on site size and potential?

    Its a kinda unique situation being a Non-Profit (with very little resourses)

    Thanks for your feedback

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    welcome steve...

    1 suggestion:
    Remove the Google ADsense on the site.

    Affiliates are sending you traffic and you are making money via redirecting traffic elsewhere. Not ideal and definately a big downfall for merchants.

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    I never even thought that would matter
    Perhaps we should start a seperate site just for the affiliate program.
    I guess I thought this because most sites have AS on them.
    Gave me something to think about


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    Would give you a bunch to think about, and help your program a great deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairFieldGetaway-EricEwe
    Remove the Google ADsense on the site.
    It would be fairly simple to add a bit of php to test if the customer has an affiliate cookie set and if so hide the adsense.

    I n that way you will please the affiliates and still earn the money from organic and direct traffic.

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