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    I leave you with this thought. I used to participate on a board back in 1988 called BioHazard. It was your standard TriBBS with one line and door games. It was a very cool hangout with a lot of eccentric people.

    When people got out of hand, or rowdy we created a special room called the "Quiet Room". Rather than ban users they were sent to the Quiet Room to post for a couple of days and had access to all other threads cut off. Of course it was kinda of cool when some other foul-mouth got tossed in there with you and some zany talks ensued, and sometimes not so great when you didn't care for that foul mouth.

    In short the Quiet Room worked great. Everyone knew if they got out of line they were voted into the Quiet Room and they stayed there until the agreed to come out and play nice.

    Electronic Time-Outs you might say...perhaps that tactic might be less harsh then a simple ban.


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    That sounds so cool. They could still read what others were saying and post the value of their insights, have their say without disrupting the whole place.

    Anyone who cared to read the posts could.
    Everyone else could get on with sensible discussions.

    I like it.

    I would like to see all the bans lifted and the posters who were banned to come back for a week in the quiet room. After which, they could rejoin the membership at large with all forgiven and forgotten.

    We have lost too many incredibly intelligent and enjoyable friends here.

    I want them ALL back. Start with The Professor. He was my buddy. I want Lauren Stephens! She is so smart. She has insights other people just miss. And, she really calls them as she sees them.

    And, all the great posters who are gone. You know who they are.

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