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    Do You Have What It Takes to Run a Home-Based Business?

    1. Confidence. Home-based business owners need confidence to pull through tough times. You have to be positive, focused, dedicated, and you must truly believe that your venture will be successful.

    #10 You must know cTang (:>

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    lol! I like the one about knowing Carolyn.

    My list would include:

    1. When things aren't going well don't panic! Use that energy to motivate you to work harder and smarter.
    2. Don't be afraid to dump a merchant that isn't producing for you.
    3. Try new things. Offer your shoppers as many opportunities to buy as you reasonably can without making your pages/site look like garbage.
    4. Work your butt off.
    5. Hang in there! You need longevity to recognize patterns. Expect upticks and downticks in your success. Figure out what kinds of cycles you can expect so you can exploit them
    6. Make your site sticky. The hard part is acquiring a shopper. Once you get them to your site make it easy for them to stay and browse.

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