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    Thumbs up [2007] Monitoring in Affiliate Programs

    I am new to this board, and I'd like to request some help with developing a survey on how affiliate managers and affiliate networks monitor the practices of affiliates. The purpose of the survey is for use in my academic research at ESADE, Barcelona, Spain and potentially for academic publication. Primarily, I'd like to get some feedback on this issue so I can develop the survey questions.

    Of course, affiliate programs are extremely efficient at tracking visits and sales, and are an extremely cost-effective method for customer acquisition. However, illegal or inappropriate activities on the part of affiliates could negatively impact a retailer’s brand in the eyes of current and potential customers. This risk is increased by one of the aspects that helps to make affiliate marketing so effective - namely, the autonomy that the affiliates have in creating content such as ppc ads, web page content, email newsletters, etc.

    My basic question is: how do retailers ensure that affiliate marketers act in their best interests? I think you can separate the response into 4 areas: contracts, incentives, partner selection, and monitoring.

    I have a few specific questions:
    1. What additional incentives do you offer besides the standard commissions (e.g. tiered commissions, special access to marketing materials, contest for top affiliate per month, etc., VIP commissions).

    2. What strategies do you use to accept/reject affiliates who apply to your program? What are your criteria?

    3. What strategies do you use to monitor affiliate actions (e.g. review conversion rates (frequency?), review affiliate websites (frequency?), etc.

    Please feel free to either respond to this board or contact me directly at pfox (at), whichever you feel is more appropriate. I would welcome any possibility to have a longer discussion if possible. Of course, I will share any and all results with the participants.

    Thanks very much.

    Paul Fox
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    Affiliate program study
    Hello Paul,

    I was roaming the forums reading as much as possible about
    affiliate marketing and came across your post.
    As a student in HEC Lausanne (Université de Lausanne),
    I am currently in the process of developing the
    implementation strategy for an affiliate program that the
    company I'm doing an internship for wishes to develop. In
    order to be successful I first need to do a small market
    study concerning affiliate marketing and some of the
    questions you have posted coincide with the list of
    qualitative information that I require.

    Have you succeeded in completing your project? If so, would
    it be possible for me to have access to the answers you
    received to your questions?

    It would really be of great help for me as I find myself in
    the middle of so much contradictory information and in
    profound need of assistance...
    If your time allows it I would also appreciate if you could
    give me a few impressions about the project and about the
    applied methodology.

    Please contact me with your answer at either this address,

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    This thread is 3 years old. I doubt they will answer you. This is the only post they made and it was in 2007.

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    Governance Mechanisms in Affiliate Marketing

    No problem. Attached is the article published in the International Journal of eBusiness Research. Hope it helps.


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