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    Giving site credits for creating leads?

    I'm very new to affiliate programs so I'm sorry if I come off as uninformed (cause I am). I tried to search for the answer to this question but I didn't have much luck.

    I've got a steady stream of visitors to my little site. I'm thinking of giving them credits to do various things on the site.

    Right now my idea is to give them credits for creating leads (filling out forms or giving their email addresses.)

    I checked out CJ. It seems to have a few links that I could use.

    My question is: is there a service tailored to this (i.e. paying for emails or filling forms)? And would I be able to immediately determine that a user created the lead (so I can instantly give them the credits)?

    Thanks so much,

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    If you are just getting in, my advice is for you to find another business model. Find a product that your visitors will be interested in buying and do it that way. Use Google Adsense as well.
    You are getting in to the most corrupt facet of the industry when you incent visitors to generate leads and your commissions can be completely reversed like we saw in this recent thread.
    Find a better way and save yourself the aggrevation.

    Welcome aboard

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