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    New Site Design + What are your favorite banner sizes?
    If you visit will see that we have a complete new look and feel. We believe the new look is a better match for our brand and enforces PacSun's origins in Surf and Skate lifestyle and fashion.

    We will be designing new banners this upcoming week and it would be great to hear about what are your favorite banner sizes.

    I would like to offer a variety of banners that will match different websites and audience. Some banners will focus on the brands we sell, others will be product focused, others will be surf and skate focused, and so on. With that in mind, we can't have 10 banners of each type because it's just too much.

    Could you please let me know what are your favorite 4 sizes and what kind of banner content (brands, lifestyle picture, surf or skate action picture) you like for your website?

    Thank you so much,


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    This thread should have everything you're looking for:

    As far as banner content, I like promotions, coupons, deal of the day, hot/new product, that sort of thing.

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    Thanks for your reply. Although I have researched many threads on ABW, I would still like to see the individual opinion of affiliates that are in our program.


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    I affiliate with PacSun

    In terms of banners I like:

    120 * 240 Vert Banner

    120 * 600 Skyscraper

    125 * 125 Square button

    120 * 90 buttons

    I'll use a variety of banners but I find that visitors are not "excited into action (via a click)" by a 468 * 60 full banner [due to a past glut of this type of banner].

    Personally, I would feature a 728 * 90 banner as it fits into a design I like to use. A company/merchant would be featured on one of my pages if there is a 728 * 90 banner available. Visitors are drawn into whatever is depicted on a 728 * 90 banner because its design merges with the page design overall.
    I know not every affiliate would be interested in a 728 * 90, but you might create one with an interesting scene.

    I like lifestyle pictures and the action pictures

    Remember that individual product links with pictures of that product are extremely important especially to affiliates who like to write comparisons and reviews of products. A tasteful selection of banners will contribute to the positive overall feeling towards the company/merchant but it's the individual product that often elicits the click that will close the deal.
    Often I will feature a "clickable" picture of a product and write enticing copy, I see the banners as complementary to the product.
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    banner link has low click through on my sites. More text links could be better.

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