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Thread: Traffic splits to your website? Natural SEO vs Paid Search

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    January 18th, 2005
    Traffic splits to your website? Natural SEO vs Paid Search
    Hi Everyone

    I'm all about the polls recently :-)

    Just wondering what the ABW'ers typical split of traffic is between natural SEO and paid search ?

    Would be interesting to hear any comments from people who are heavier on the natural side as to whether you got into affiliate marketing to help fund your website as opposed to building your website with the commercial element as part of the plan from day one?


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    Great thread & poll, Mal!!

    My correlation is something like 95% natural and 5% paid search for merchant websites (note: not my clients' sites, but my own ones), and the opposite: about 20% natural and 80% paid search for affiliate sites (again: not my affiliates' sites, but my own).


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    It really depends on the site.

    For all of my sites, my biggest traffic source is one that isn't even in your list: Word of Mouth. To me, this is the best of both worlds. With Word of Mouth, you get consistent results (like PPC) with no cost (like SEO) without the shrinking margins (like PPC) or reliance upon search engines (like SEO). I always suggest that people use every method possible (Word of Mouth, PPC, and SEO) to get traffic, but what is most effective varies from site to site.

    For some sites, I do no paid search, as my average earnings per visitor doesn't justify even the minimum bid.

    For other sites, I do extensive paid search that comes close to matching the traffic from Word of Mouth.

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    Like Michael, my main traffic isn't on the list. Word of Mouth (direct type in traffic) and social news sites make up the bulk of my traffic. But after that it is natural search, no PPC for me.
    Jason Rosenbaum
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