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    Question Bidding on a Brand Name on Google Adwords??
    How do I know if I am allowed to bid on a particular Brand Name in Google Adwords. For example say I bid on the term "TY Beanie Buddy" and direct them to a page on my site promoting TY Beanie Buddy products. Can I do this? Do I need to ask TY for permission to do this? Say I do not have a relationship with TY but I do have a relationship with merchants who sell them.

    Any advice?

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    Go for it. For the most part anything a merchant sells is open. There are times where a merchant might have it in their terms where you can't bid on the TM and there are also times there are certain things you can't bid on. Best thing to do is always read any PPC terms they have or just ask them. There are also terms where you try to bid on and they won't go thru on Google because the merchant has contacted Google to make it so. The term you're asking about, lots are bidding on:

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    Sometimes the manufacturer has a ban on bidding on their brand name. In this case, they will contact Google and when you try to put their name in your ad the ad will get rejected. Sometimes your keywords will also be rejected.

    I think it is foolish for a manufacturer to do this, especially when they have a large number of dealers selling their products. But it is their brand and their right.

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    These two blog posts from Google will give you the details of their trademark policy:

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