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    CJ Paying early?
    My balance just doubed and then droped back to normal and I saw that my locked sales have been moved to comission owed.

    Normally they don't do that move until pay day. So does anyone think hey are gonna pay us early?

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    It is a bit strange. My balance is currently inflated, but hey that has happened before. Though you are right HG it's rare it already drops down in the lower portion already.

    Perhaps ALL the advertisers decided to pay CJ early and thus we might be paid as normal. Then someone mentioned something about pigs...

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    "Normally they don't do that move until pay day."

    They always to this a week or more before payday; it starts dancing around on about the 11th or 12th usually. Items remaining in the "locked" column are whatever remnants have not yet been paid by the advertiser, and so have not yet been moved to the "payable balance".
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    Quote Originally Posted by nakedgamer
    It is a bit strange. My balance is currently inflated
    Same thing here...

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    It does appear that my locked amounts moved down to Current Balance a couple days earlier than usual this month. One of my merchants/advertisers still hasn't paid, since their commissions are still sitting up there in the "Locked" category. But all my others moved down to Current Balance on the same day; I think it was the 12th. A nice thing to see, but I seriously doubt that means CJ will pay us much (or any) sooner than usual.

    Again, those of us who are CJ oldtimers can gently reassure and remind people who worry about CJ paying up:

    CJ Pays Publishers In A Timely Manner, Every Month. There is no reason to fret, unless your merchants are not paying CJ and therefore CJ isn't paying you those merchants' commissions. If this happens to you a lot, you need to (1) figure out if the deadbeat/slow-paying merchant is worth continuing to promote and keep 'em or drop 'em based on your good instincts and analysis; and (2) diversify and add more merchants to your sites and campaigns, across CJ and other ad networks so that you won't have to depend on just one or two merchant relationships. The more the merrier, I say.

    I refer those of you wondering why the balance at the top of CJ account manager seems to inflate/deflate/fluctuate/generally annoy the hell outta us:

    See This Thread.

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