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    Anyone ever worked with typerswanted?
    I was checking out a site for a friend who was wondering if the program they offered was legit and I noticed that they also offer an affiliate program.

    Domain registration is private and no phone number listed on the site for contact. I told him to stay away if he couldn't afford to lose the money.

    But then I thought I would ask around here if anyone has actually worked the affiliate program.

    I've left the web address out, but you should be able to figure it out.

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    It sounds like BS; home typing is a fairly old scam...


    I can't find the FTC's page on common scams at the mo, but Goofle returns a lot of results for work at home typing scams

    Google results

    I do know that this "type at home" stuff has been around since the days when all this kind of thing was spread by snail-mail, and the internet was still nothing of interest to the public! Various forms of BS plague "type at home" programs, with the specifics depending on the particular promoter.

    But "BS" is definitely the way to bet. The "make money typing at home" scam is so old you could find pitch letters in an archeological dig.

    Domain registration is private
    Yeah, I'll bet it is!!
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