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    From the google annual report
    I own stock so I got the annual report in the mail. I was reading thought it and this is what they said about adsense and paying us the google network members. The key work here is most,
    Our agreement with Google Network members consists largely of uniform online "click-wrap" agreements that members enter into by interacting with our registrant web sites. The standard agreements have no stated term and are terminable at will. Agreements with our larger members are individually negotiated. Both standard agreements and the negotiated agreements contain provisions requiring us to share with the Google Network member MOST of the advertiser fees generated by users clicking on ads on the Google Network member's web site or, for advertisers who choose cost-per-impression pricing, as the ads are displayed on the Google Network member's web site.
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    There attitude never changes they tell you what they do and they don't care if you don't like it.

    Remember when they were just going public they told wall street how they would go public, I don't think any company did that before.
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    all they are saying is its more than 50% so what
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    Cool Google
    I am new to this. I received an email from google telling me that I was in jeopardy of losing my account because of suspicious clicks on one of my adsense sites.I had no idea of what they were talking about.They said that money I had coming could be taken back.
    I went to google and checked on the money I had coming,thinking wow I must have big chunk of money coming.

    Well if $1.49 is a big fraud to them they can have it.
    $1.49 can you believe it?

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