Is there any real benefit for the affiliates, to have a search engine listing all the images from the directory on were those images are just part of a product description page from a datafeed?

The reason I ask is because yesterday after I removed one directory from one of my sites, in less than 10 minutes there was the boot, looking for all those images. (about 900 pages.)

Those images are not on my server, those images are from a datafeed, they're at the merchant site.

So why the SE is linking to my site image links, and not to the merchant images direct?

While anyone that click on those images from will eventually get to see my product page on the bottom frame from the results, usually those looking for an image will not buy anything related to that image on those pages.

So what is the real benefit for any affiliate to have those images listed on the SE's?

Btw, after deleting a directory and before you do any redirect, you can find a lot of info, about all the places that were linking to those pages on that directory, even those that never have sent you any traffic.