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    Red face feeling a little overwhemed
    I'm new here. I really want to learn all about affiliate marketing. I have read a lot about it and right now I'm feeling a bit dizzy with all of the info.
    I know it will take a lot of time to actually learn how to do all of this stuff and to write enough content to be able to get traffic (since I don't have enough money to do adwords.) My question is - how do I know if what I like to write about has an audience? I like to write about beauty and weight loss tips . I know there's so much already out there. Is there a tool to find out- like a marketing tool? Can anyone please help me?


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    Everything has an audience.
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    You can always track your stats with something like:
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    Try writing about how you are controlling your weight, or if you knwo unique ways. Create a day to day diary on your site of your weight loss, create a vurtual scale and people can check in and track their weight loss.

    Review fitness classes, etc....... there are tons of people looking for it and tons more competing in this arena. Offer something unique. I came up with those off the top of my head, but remember (if the site is about you and your weightloss etc...) write for yourself so you can express yourself or what you want, but also make sure it is understandable by your audience. If it is for everyone, maybe try writing it like articles in a magazine etc....

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    Welcome pinkchick! Yes, the industry can be a little overwhelming at first, but don't be afraid. There's lots of opportunities for freshman affiliates to get started in the biz.

    Probably the first thing that you'll want to do is spend a while researching. The trick with affiliate marketing isn't any different from any other business... Find an underserved audience and then start serving them! Writing articles is a great way to get the ball rolling. You'll probably want to pick up a "HTML for Dummies" book so that you can become comfortable with working in the web world. After that, the next step is to find an advertiser or advertisers that are compatible with the audience you're (hopefully) growing.

    You might not get the formula right the first time. In fact, you probably won't! But take each failed attempt as a lesson on what to do or not do the next time around. Be patient, and within a few months you will likely see your income start to move up.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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    Hi! Welcome to ABW!

    I agree with Liq, be unique.

    It's easy to become overwhelmed ( I swear, I get overwhelmed at least once a day)!

    Just relax, learn to take the baby steps and next thing you know you'll be off an running!

    Best of Luck :^)
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    Red face Which is the best affiliate book?
    Hey everybody
    Thanks for your replies.
    I guess the best thing to do is to write about things that I really love and know.That way I'll always have content, right?
    I was wondering: what is the best book or course that I can get to help me with being a good affiliate marketer?
    There are so many books and courses out there that I don't know which one to get. I don’t want to start something without knowing the best way to do it.


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    Work on one resource on your site that can be found no where else on the web, be it a step-by-step weight loss procedure or something else. That one "must have" resource will get you the bookmarks which in turn will get you the free traffic, which in turn will equate to revenue.
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    Or you can go the other way...if you write well and write often you will attract an audience. Use social bookmarking sites to help you out! See
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    Hey Pink,

    A great book to get you started in the biz is Jeremy Palmer's High Performance Affiliate Marketing ( It's an awesome starting point with good background as well as an overview of the processes involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adFinityJoe
    Hey Pink,

    A great book to get you started in the biz is Jeremy Palmer's High Performance Affiliate Marketing ( It's an awesome starting point with good background as well as an overview of the processes involved.
    For those who haven't heard yet - sadly, Jeremy took his ebook off the market.. (before i was able to buy a copy )

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    If there ever were really days that anyone could come to the internet, put up a site and make money instantly, they are now long gone. The first thing that you should do is lower your expectations. Don't expect to make any real money for at least a year (although you might make a few cents here or there). Affiliate marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Also, there are lots of aspects to it. Not only do you have to know about the content, but there is also website creation skills. There is also graphic design skills that are needed and website design. You need pretty/professional graphics displayed in a pretty/professional way. Then there are the multitude of affiliate programs to discover. Then there is the actual marketing of them.

    Traffic acquizion takes many forms, and you will have to learn about search engine optimization, link exchange etiquette (if there is such a thing these days), social media knowledge, scouring the web, email promotions And while you are doing all these things, the actual web and the nature of affiliate marketing is evolving so what works today might not work tomorrow.

    Also, whatever niche your in, there are other affiliates who have been doing it for a while who have the traffic and don't want to give it up, and newer affiliates like you, who want the traffic it tookl you 6 months to get.

    Being overwhelmed at this stage is good, just keep your expectations low and know u have a long way to go and in a year, hopefully you'll start to make money. Actually, in a year is about the time that you will know affiliate marketing pretty much the things that you need to learn to do it well :-)

    I do suggest you sign up for a bunch of free affiliate marketing/SEO/web design magazines, they will give you many ideasd and keep you up to date in a way that a book can't. I suppose revenue magazine is a good place to start
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    I recommend reading this site and asking lots of questions. I find this site very informative and the people here are very willing to help.

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    Looks like I am right about where you are in the affiliate marketing arena.

    I am currently building my first content site as well. It is going to be sort of a kayak review site. I have been writing an article a day as I build my site. Learning SEO, html and css as I go as well. I am doing all of this, hoping that I can eventually get a decent search engine placement.

    Just keep pushing on!


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    As long as you keep adding fresh original content, you will eventually get traffic and sales. (just keep everything relevant). I would NOT put ads for a dating service on a website about dogs (although I'm sure someone here could find a way to make it work)

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    Hi there;

    Welcome to the industry Enjoy the many nights spent analyzing keywords, determining how to better optimize your content for SEO, and launching late night PPC campaigns. It can be a tough industry sometimes, but stick with it and work hard. Hard work is key here, as nothing will ever be handed to you.

    A few things that I would do:

    + Purchase reliable webhosting from a company like HostICan or CrucialWebHost and get a good, generic "catch-all" domain so that you can create subdomains related to various topics.

    + Learn how to write well for the internet. Focus on readable content with a bit of SEO optimization.

    + Read

    + Launch a few sites and market them. Build links, deliver qualified traffic, and see how they perform.

    Once you've found a winning combination it's simply a matter of "lather, rinse, repeat". Enjoy

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    There is a saying 'How do you eat a whole Elephant' The correct answer is 'One mouthful at a time'

    Yes, affiliate marketing is a lot to take on. I have been marketing successfully for about a year now with good results and I am still learning everyday.

    The important thing is to take action on whatever you have learned.

    You do not need to wait till your website is perfect to upload it. Build your website, upload it, get it indexed in Google and then make improvements to it as you go along.

    Also be encouraged.

    I was a computer 'barely literate' when I first started in affiliate marketing. With a full time job in the health service with rigorous on call commitments, I thought I could never make it. But a year later, I am laughing.

    [Still do my 'day job' because I absolutely love it but also have an extra source of income from online marketing. Plus I have the satisfaction of knowing I can and have built my own on line business]

    If I could do it so can you. One step at a time.

    A good resource for affiliate marketing newbies is (spam)
    You can also go through this very informative forum and learn from the goldmine of information here.

    The most important message here though is to take action. Do not be the perpetual newbie

    Good luck
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