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    Come on CJ, do the right thing...

    Jeff Pullen, the president of Commission Junction, a company that helps link affiliates with Web sites, said that he was not inclined to cut off companies that divert commissions if the customer has agreed to the diversion. "The tactics that they use, maybe they're on the edge," he said. "Maybe, personally, I don't find them particularly attractive. But if they aren't illegal, it's hard for me to point to my public service agreement and say, `I have a reason to kick you off my network.

    This is NOT going to cut it.

    Stealing is stealing and deception is deception - no matter what.


    she was tired of being poor, and she wasn't into selling door to door.... CSN

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    I agree completely. CJ - Did your moms raise you guys up to act like this? I think your moms would be VERY embarrassed of you right now.

    So make your mom proud and step up to the plate.

    If you try to please everybody, someone won't like it -Rumsfeld

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    Think we should invite Mrs Gross and Mrs Crawford et al and tell them what naughty boys they have?


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