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    Check out this post regarding google plans for a product specific search

    I think I will be looking for a new job if this happens - affiliate marketing could be dead forever

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    Inktomi in their prime purchased a site and project I consulted on to get launched by Christmas 1998. It was Impulse!Buy Network. Every feature built into Linkshare for merchants -product uploads with rich media point of purchase displays and affiliates sale tracking. With all their resources Inktomi tried to populate it with ecommerce e-catalog comparision product displays using their search technologies. Here in late 2002 it has yet to launch as the Perfect Shopping engine. So my take is Google will blow a pile of money developing it and won't be able integrate a search function to update it. Too many incompatable e-catalogs to develop a universal Google product e-catalog.

    It has to have a common e-catalog display to become a threat to the network product offerings, which also require manual uploads from 500+ merchants. Only way Googgle could pull it off is a seperate sister site with linked listings from their Adwords displays and manually updated product database. They'd have to become an affiliate network. More likely senerio is they develop their own shopping bar and become a DUPER.

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    In actuality, I looked at this over four months ago. They had actually scanned in over 200 merchant catalogs in full color, and claimed they were building a search database capable of almost instantaneous find capabilities (as instantaneous as your modem or cable or whatever happens to be speed-wise).

    Their challenge was to get the uploads from the merchants in a timely manner.


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    Thanks for your insight on this issue - I feel a little calmer about it, now that you have both pointed out the difficulties involved.

    It gave me a bit of a fright when I first read it!

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    This is Marifer from We have been monitoring the Google Catalog experiment for about a year. They used to have the link to the catalog page on Google's main page but they have taking it off and is a little hard for a user to find it. We deal with the same cataloguers most of which don't know their catalogs have been scanned and publish by Google. I know that the ones who know about this are not happy at Google's scanning their catalogs without their permission and have threaten to sue them. Still, we found that their experiment has not posed a threat to and our affiliate program (we pay up to .75 per catalog request- All catalogs are free). Please keep in mind that Google does not have agreements/right to publish the catalogs they have up there.

    This might become a threat if the word gets spread around and Google decides to promote their mini site and charge the catalog companies. I am requesting from all members of the affiliate community not to promote Google's catalog site but rather promote

    Please let me know your thoughts about this topic- is greatly appreciated.

    Marifer Vergara
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