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    Hi all,

    I wrote this column a few months ago:

    Then, I get an email from someone this week talking about their experiences with the Overture Search suggestion tool:

    "Jim, In August, there were keywords with 108,000 searches, loads with 30,000 and up searches.
    >> After your article in September, the numbers fell... dramatically!
    In total there were 300+ keywords that changed dramatically.

    Here's a few...
    - keyword 1: 104,302 to 208
    - keyword 2: 582,000 to 13,669
    - keyword 3: 13,672 to 0
    - keyword 4: 33,000 to 1,434.
    - etc... the list goes on!"

    Anyone else can confirm this type of data? I'm wondering if they changed something, and it's more accurate now?

    My analysis, Over vs. Wordtracker, still has Overture's results as being 80% bigger.

    Just curious. Thanks.

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    OVerture was totally out in August. Searching for anything gave highly overestimated results. It now appears more accurate and I am going to do some tests on this.

    As an example of the August inaccuracies, I found some niche keywords getting 40,000 - 50,000 searches per month according to Overture. I looked at MSN/Inktomi and realised I had a true winner as I could easily get top 3 position for these terms (no advertising above web page results either). After creating my pages I submitted to Inktomi and got #1 for both terms I targetted.

    So I waited for the traffic.....and waited....and waited..... I had two hits in 24 hours.

    I was dismayed so went to Wordtracker. I found my keywords there were searched for approximately 20 times per day. Not 40,000/31 = 1290 times a day as Overture suggested.

    A quick look at Overtures suggestion tool now reveals my keywords being search for 48 times in the last month.

    Yes, I guess at first glance it appears more accurate. Will be doing a lot more testing before I rely on Overture though. Wordtracker still seems to have a huge advantage in terms of accuracy and detail (although Wordtracker has experienced problems with bad results too in August - some top 30 search terms as shown by the ticker were obviously not actual legitimate searches. Some say it was artificial elevtaion of searches using automated tools etc etc.).

    Anyway, this is my take on it.

    Andy Williams

    Keyword DARTs - New search engine optimization software

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    Yes, I can confirm that for August versus September. Don't know the numbers for previous months though.

    Numbers for Sept. were down a lot, I'm talking about 50.000-100.000 down to 5.000-10.000 for several words, and down from 10.000-30.000 to 1.000-5.000 for others.

    -- Less is more --

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