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    Arrow OMG -Signatures DO work for promoting my website.Proof inside
    I checked my traffic stats for my link directory (removed spam link) and i found out that the traffic exchanges don't really do that much. Most of my traffic comes from the 40+ forums i've joined and have a signature on. Look at my traffic stats for the last 18days for proof of how many people visit my site:

    (removed link to image that had a popup that I didn't see)

    It averages out to be 102.78 visitors per day

    I am still joining forums as we speak and using my signature to advertise my link directory.

    my advice would be to do what i'm doing because it works.

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    edited your post to take out the spam.

    This forum isn't one you can post too to advertise your site. And your advise will not be followed here.... forum spam is HIGHLY discouraged......
    Deborah Carney

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    I get dizzy trying to participate in 3 forums. 40+ sounds like a full time job.

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    Atleast she/he admits it, suggests it and is happy to tell others it works. First time I ever see someone 'spam abw' so open and honest of what he is/she is doing.

    But, guess he did not know that abw mods are on stanby 24/7/365.

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    It works for getting you banned from forums, too.

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