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    April 16th, 2007
    Converting to old style eBay links?
    Lets put it this way. I have more than tripled the traffic to my site in the last month and yet the sales have still not returned to even close to the amount I had before the problem.

    I've read that some members are having better luck with the old (not rover) links.

    Anyone who can explain where or how I get these links to use or any better advise?


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    June 7th, 2006
    An example of one of the older links I use that works just fine is:

    http://www.d p b o l v w .net/click-XXXXXXX-5902069

    Whereas XXXXXXX is your PID, and remove the spaces from the domain name. This link tracks perfectly as far as I can tell, now if you are using the FDT or editor kits then you will have to do some further code modifications.

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