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    Confused about signatures
    I read the rules about signatures:

    Signatures must not be greater than three lines of text and may not contain links to any adult or otherwise offensive websites (in our sole opinion). Images are Not allowed in signatures, nor are any affiliate link(s) or any keyword stuffing attempts. Any signatures, that violate these rules will be deleted without notice and your signature right will be removed. ABESTWEB may allow merchants to have a larger signature for their full contact information, this is on a case by case basis and may be withdrawn at anytime without notice.

    but then i see some people with affiliate links in their signatures.

    I'm confused, please explain.


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    If they're affiliates with affiliate links (trackable program links) then they are in violation more than likely. If they're merchants, OPMs, AMs with links to affiliate programs then that's perfectly fine.

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    It is a case by case basis. General rule, singatures are earned and affiliates links are prohibited except for the selected few.

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    If you see a post or a sig that you'd like to report please click the image to submit your report. If the sig or post is in violation of any rules then immediate action will be taken.
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